Circus Kitty and Getting Zen

Just finished this little chunk of sweetness.
He's in the shop now if you wanna check him out.

I'm heading out of town for the weekend, gonna go get meditative and whatnot at Great Vow Zen Monastery. It's a 4-hour gorgeous drive, and College Boy is coming with. Yay! We'll be attending this workshop on transforming the inner-critic. Inner-critics can be such nags, and mine can get downright mean!

Last time I was there we had an unexpected snow storm. I suspect the views will be much different this time. It's wonderful to leave the real world for a bit, although coming back tends to feel a little... loud. 


Oregon Country Fair

Went to the Oregon Country Fair this past weekend.
It was a people-watcher's paradise!
Oregon is a strange place. I like it.


Something-New Sunday

I keep thinking I have to have something really great to say to come back on here and post, but I've been pretty quiet as of late. So I'll just show you the latest, and hope that I'll be back really quick-like. Got lots more goodies in the works!

Here are Woodlyn and Forest, with and without their owl masks. They'll be joined in the shop over the next few days (hopefully) by some skelly friends, a BIG many-eyed monster, and a couple of mermaids.
In the meantime, here's a little tutorial for those of you out in Bloglandia that have artistic aspirations...


Finally. . . It's Something-New Sunday once again!

Hi everybody! I hope you're still out there. I'm feeling uber-creative once again, and very grateful for it. I've made a few pieces since I've last visited, but this is the first time in quite a while I have some new offerings.
First, the latest.

This one is the Mender of Broken Hearts. Stitched-up hearts are so much more interesting than their pristine counterparts, don't you think?

This silly one knows that life is just better with floppy ears.

And I made some little anthropomorphic clouds too.
Today I'm the white one, yesterday I was gray. Which one are you?

The whole lot of them are available right this minute over in my shop.

I'll be back later for more show-n-tell. I've been strapped to this computer all day, and the rain has momentarily stopped, so I'm off to see what sort of mischief I can get into before the sun goes down.

Thank you all for sticking around.
I promise I won't let so much time go by before visiting again.

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