After-Pics and Bunnies

I promised some after-pictures in that last post, and here they are!
So here's the little mermaid, all ready for final details...
And here's Marina all done...
Itty bitty Kiki is already sold... Painting this tiny is hard!
This one is Fynn.
He/she is kinda odd, but my favorite this week. I like odd.
This one wanted to be a tiger. Rawr!
She's on her way to London.
 And these two little monster bugs are in Michigan now.
I made some little circus tents to share too.
They have wheels. Because wheels are cute.
Here, here, and here.

I took a bit of a mental health day this past Monday. Drove up the coast with College Boy to Pacific City. Sometime in the distant past, somebody let loose a bunch (or maybe just two) of domestic rabbits that have gone on to populate the area. They are very sweet, coming right up for treats. I'll spare you from the ridiculous amount of bunny pics I snapped. Oh well, maybe just a couple...

I was having a bit of a rough patch, but bunnies make everything better.
Yay for bunny days!


Today's Table- Work in Progress

 Ok, so it's not really a table. . . more like a drying rack, and a counter, and the kitchen sink. Anyway, here's a peek at some of the silliness I've been up to over the past few days. Everything is all stained and drying. This is my favorite phase! The time after all the designing, sewing, stuffing, base painting, sawing, sanding, and staining is finished and everybody's waiting for their final details. This is when they come alive for me.

Staining is a messy process. I've got it pretty well contained though. This is this morning's aftermath--
Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are my very favorite cleaning supply.
Is it totally lame to have a favorite cleaning supply? Well, I do.

Thanks for letting me share my process and creations with you!
I'll be back later with some after pics.



Circus Kitty and Getting Zen

Just finished this little chunk of sweetness.
He's in the shop now if you wanna check him out.

I'm heading out of town for the weekend, gonna go get meditative and whatnot at Great Vow Zen Monastery. It's a 4-hour gorgeous drive, and College Boy is coming with. Yay! We'll be attending this workshop on transforming the inner-critic. Inner-critics can be such nags, and mine can get downright mean!

Last time I was there we had an unexpected snow storm. I suspect the views will be much different this time. It's wonderful to leave the real world for a bit, although coming back tends to feel a little... loud. 


Oregon Country Fair

Went to the Oregon Country Fair this past weekend.
It was a people-watcher's paradise!
Oregon is a strange place. I like it.

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