Moving on down the road. . .

Two weeks ago, Lulu and I packed up The Cart and headed for a new pasture (literally). Well, Lulu was no help. But she did seem to enjoy the journey. Here's a little stop along Highway 101, heading from the Oregon Coast to Olympia, Washington. Nice view, huh?

And here are some pics of our new digs--

Love those furry green trees!

The pasture that I look out on from my worktable. There's a horse in there somewhere. His name is Harley and when I bring him carrots he licks my face like he's a giant dog.

A little outbuilding that I hope to turn into a ceramics studio someday.

View from my front steps.

The Cart, parked in its new little corner of paradise. I have plans to build a deck and make the outside all pretty.
I love it here already! I'm still getting settled in, finding my way around and such. The studio is fully functional however and I've been working and working. My living room is now (hopefully very temporarily) a woodworking shop, but I'm saving pennies to get a shed soon so as to lessen the indoor sawdust component. Got some commissions done, and even managed to make some new stuff for the shop! My list is still long. Really really long. But I'm checking stuff off everyday. It's challenging, but all sorts of rewarding!

 I'll be back on Sunday with pics of this week's offerings, but I just couldn't bring myself to do a post without any silliness, so here are a few snapshots from today's table--

I hope your day's challenges prove to offer their own unexpected rewards.


Hearts and Stuff

The day before yesterday, I set out to make ONE thing. Just one.
But that one led to another, which led to another. . .

. . .and before I knew it I was up to my eyeballs in lovey stuff.
I have trouble reining myself in.

I made a bunch of stuff last week too.

Most of them are already spoken for, but there are still a few left in the shop.

I miss hanging out here in Blogland. It seems like all my words are being sucked up by Facebook. (I'm over there a lot if you wanna visit. Here's me.)  I keep meaning to be better at keeping this here correspondence current, but the day keeps having too few hours.


2014 in Review: Where the Art Went

I've always wanted to put little dots on a map whenever my creations were sent to their new destinations, but I wasn't in charge of the sending part until this year. But NOW I'm in charge of every little thing, and I had so much fun adding dots to my map! (Probably too much fun. I'm a bit of a nerd.) I was thrilled to discover that in 2014 (a most challenging year to be sure) my creations went off to live in 42 states, and 13 other countries! This year I hope to travel vicariously through my art to all sorts of destinations unknown, including the elusive Oklahoma. Mind you, I have no desire to actually travel to Oklahoma. *giggle*  
Being a product of a less-than-stellar public education, my geography skills are pretty pitiful. However, I love learning new things, so you can imagine my joy at discovering that the United Kingdom has 4 countries! (Although, I suspect there could be some argument over their claim to that bit of Ireland.) Plus, I officially know where Wisconsin is now! Also, did you know that The Netherlands is Holland too?  And Russia is ONE country? One really BIG country. I think I thought is was a continent or something. Australia too. Continent or country?? Turns out, both! 

Anyway, thank you so much to all of you wonderful people in all of your exotic locations. (I'm not talking to you, Oklahoma.) It is such an honor that you have given my creations a home!

Last year-- 42 states and 13 countries. 
This year-- The World! 
(cue maniacal laughter)

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